Onshore proposals

National Grid IFA2 submitted an application for planning permission to Fareham Borough Council (FBC) and an application for a Marine Licence to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for determination in May 2016.  On the 23 January 2017, Fareham Borough Council resolved to grant planning permission for the IFA2 electricity interconnector, subject to completion of a section 106 agreement.

The next step will be to work with our contractors, once appointed, to submit a further detailed planning application for the converter station buildings and new public open space around the site at Solent Airport later in 2017. These plans will be within the boundaries of the outline planning permission granted by FBC in January. 

To view the application (Planning Reference: P/16/0557/OA) submitted to FBC in May 2016, please click here.

Our planning application, which consists of the Environmental Statement (EIA) and a number of supporting documents, can also be viewed below. 

IFA2 UK Onshore Development documents

Environmental Statement (EIA)

Onshore appendices 1 - 7F

Onshore appendices 7G - 10A

Onshore appendices 12 A. Part 1a

Onshore appendices 12 A Part 1b

Onshore appendices 12 A Part 2

Onshore appendices 14B - 19A

Supporting Documents

Non-Technical Summary



UK & France EIA Summary

Flood Risk Assessment 

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Design and Access Statement

Planning Statement 

Consultation Report