Making the connection

We’ll connect the converter station to the connection point at Chilling using HVAC cables. We’ll lay these along the route shown on the plan below.

We’ll use a variety of techniques to lay these cables. In shore areas, we will use a technique known as Horizontal Direct Drilling (HDD). This involves drilling underground and installing a series of ducts, which we then pull the cables through.

Elsewhere, we will dig a trench, bury the ducts, reinstate the ground, and pull the cables through. In all cases, the cables will not be visible when we have finished.

We’ll be doing this work in summer 2018 and spring and summer 2019, with a break over the Autumn and Winter to minimise disruption for overwintering birds.

We are conscious that some of the places we are laying cables, such as Solent Airport and Monks Hill Beach, are well-used by local people and businesses. We are working directly with these users to ensure they are aware of our plans and minimise disruption.