Converter station

We’re building the converter station at the site of Broom Way, near Solent Airport.

In January this year, we started preparation of the site. This involved construction of a stone platform to create a stable working area. To do this, we removed the top layer of soil across the site. We have minimised the need to take materials on and off site by using spoil for landscaping bunds.

We then put in place the primary foundation of the converter station building. This involve drilling around 700 holes into the ground up to 18 meters to bedrock and then pumping concrete into the voids created to create piles.

We are now in the process of constructing “pile caps”, which are small foundations which sit on top of the piles themselves. These support the steel frame of the building. We currently plan to complete this phase of works by August 2018.

We can then begin work on the buildings themselves. We’ll start by erecting the steel frame of the buildings, and then add cladding and roofs. We expect this to take until the end of 2018.

We’ll then begin work on the installation of the electrical equipment inside converter station buildings.  We expect these to be complete by autumn 2019, ahead of final testing and commissioning in autumn 2020.

The main way we’ll access the site will be from a new access off Vulcan Way which we have already constructed.

Vehicles will leave the site via Broom Way for which we will create a dedicated new access for the site in summer 2018 to support this. The exit from site will be restricted to left turn only to ensure the least impact to traffic as possible.

Proposals on Converter station on completion (at 0 years) with additional mitigation (mounding and planting)

Anticipated view looking south from the Peel Common Roundabout