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IFA2 publishes report on cable trials

National Grid IFA2 Ltd has today published the results of field trials showing that the cables proposed for IFA2 will not interfere with aircraft and aircraft operations.

At the suggestion of Fareham Borough Council, we conducted an extensive series of practical field tests between August to October 2017 to demonstrate that electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from the cables would comply with planning conditions and not interfere with aircraft systems and operations at Solent Airport. These tests were observed by knowledgeable local stakeholders.

The tests culminated in real life trials at Solent Airport on 17 October 2017 with aircraft taxiing over live buried cable, replicating the circumstances proposed for IFA2. The results of this test published in today’s report demonstrate the cables more than meet the conditions set on the planning permission for IFA2 and there were no adverse impacts on aircraft systems.

Following the tests, all participants confirmed the following statement:

“All representatives reported that the aircraft systems tested during the trial functioned as normal and no anomalies were observed on any of the aircraft avionics during the trials. Compass deviation on magnetic compasses was noted to be between 2 and 3 degrees. Fluxgate compasses exhibited negligible deviation”.

For further information, please see the full report here.