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IFA2 looks to the skies to enhance safety

IFA2 has worked with Daedalus-based company Flylogix on the development of an innovative solution for the coordination of offshore safety. The local technology and aviation business carried out Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operations over the congested waters of the Solent and the Channel. Its mission was to provide live video of cable installation to help coordinate safety operations on the water.

The UAV in the air

Jake Stevens, IFA2 project manager, said: “We are laying interconnector cables in one of the most congested marine and aviation areas in the UK. In order for the works to be performed safely and minimise disruption we have looked at developing an innovative solution to help manage offshore operations.

“To further support our safety vessels for this operation we have also worked with Flylogix, here on Solent Airfield, to include aviation and add a further dimension to our safety solution. Our aim was to develop a UAV real time image system to increase the monitoring of vessel traffic in area and to help ensure that the project can be completed without incident to the public or commercial water users.

“We know that working with local businesses, such as Flylogix, can bring benefits to the project and also to the community. We were very pleased to be able to source the specialist expertise we needed right here in Lee-on-the-Solent.”

Chris Tavner, Flylogix and Adrian Morris, IFA2

Ed Clay, Flylogix's Operations Director, said: “The Solent is one of the busiest stretches of water around the UK with the convergence of heavy commercial, freight, leisure and fishing vessels coupled with challenging navigational features. The addition of our UAV surveillance capability further bolstered an already comprehensive maritime management operation for the IFA2 interconnector project.”