Letter regarding s278 work

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Community Liaison Group minutes - 22 March 2018

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Information event boards January 2018

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IFA2 Non-technical summary updated January 2018

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IFA2 information event boards June/July 2017 

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Video simulation - IFA2 proposals 

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IFA2 UK Onshore Development documents

National Grid IFA2 submitted an application for planning permission to Fareham Borough Council (FBC) and an application for a Marine Licence to the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) for determination in May 2016.  To view the application (Planning Reference: P/16/0557/OA) submitted to FBC in May 2016, please click here. Our planning application, which consists of the Environmental Statement (EIA) and a number of supporting documents, can also be viewed below. 

Environmental Statement (EIA)

Onshore appendices 1 - 7F

Onshore appendices 7G - 10A

Onshore appendices 12 A. Part 1a

Onshore appendices 12 A Part 1b

Onshore appendices 12 A Part 2

Onshore appendices 14B - 19A

Supporting Documents

Non-Technical Summary



UK & France EIA Summary

Flood Risk Assessment 

Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Design and Access Statement

Planning Statement 

Consultation Report

IFA2 UK Offshore Development documents

On Friday 27 January 2017, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) granted IFA2 a Marine Licence for the installation of the UK section of the interconnector subsea cables between France and the United Kingdom. To view the MMO's decision and the application submitted to the MMO, please search reference: MLA/2016/00209 at the MMO website by clicking here. The planning application consists of the offshore Environmental Statement (EIA) and a number of supporting documents, which can be viewed below.

Offshore Environmental Statement (EIA)

Environmental Statement (ES) Appendices

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt1 (2.1 - 6.4)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt2 (11.1 - 12.1)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt4 (13.2)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1a)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1b)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1c)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1d)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1e)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1f)

IFA2 Offshore ES appendices pt3 (13.1g)

Offshore Non-Technical Summary

Stakeholder Briefing January 2017

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Briefing for Fareham Borough Council Planning Committee 

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Arcadis Technical Assessment (Main Report) Of the possible impact of the IFA2 Interconnector on the Solent Airport, Daedalus. 

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Arcadis report - Hazard Log

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Arcadis report - Wind Flow analysis 

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Community Matters newsletter issue 1

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Schedule of permit granting process

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Stage 2 consultation report

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Position Document (April 2016)

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TEN-E Information Leaflet, Non Technical Summary and Feedback Form - this has been updated ahead of the second stage of pre-application consultation. The proposals have been developed further since the last version and, in particular, this version contains more detail on the areas identified by consultees during the first round of consultation including converter station design and appearance, converter station scale, noise and vibration, airfield compatibility, electric and magnetic fields, security and safety, and construction and installation

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The document comprises the non-technical summary and information leaflet - available seperately here - and the feedback form - available seperately here.

Stage 2 exhibition boards

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Stage 1 Consultation Report

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Question and Answer document

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Stage 1 Exhibition boards

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Stage 1 Feedback form

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Consultation leaflet

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MMO TEN-E Regulations Acceptance letter February 2016 

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Pre-Application Notification for TEN-E Regulation Requirements 

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Concept for Public Participation

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