The project partners, National Grid and Réseau de Transport d'Electricité (RTE), already work together on a daily basis managing the existing IFA link between Folkestone and Calais.

National Grid

National Grid is a major UK company which owns and manages gas and electricity infrastructure in the UK and in the northeastern US. In the UK National Grid runs the systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire country and provides power directly to millions of customers. National Grid holds a vital position at the centre of the energy system, joining everything up. National Grid already co-owns and operates electricity interconnectors with France (known as IFA - Interconnexion France Angleterre), and the Netherlands (known as BritNed).

To meet changing energy needs, many more interconnectors are being developed all around the country to increase the connections between Great Britain's electricity transmission system and other countries' networks. National Grid has recently announced investments in new interconnectors to Belgium (known as NemoLink) and to Norway (known as North Sea Link). 

National Grid IFA2 Ltd is the company that National Grid has formed to develop and bring forward the IFA2 project and is legally separate from other companies within National Grid. In November 2014, National Grid IFA2 Ltd was granted an electricity interconnector licence by the energy regulator Ofgem.


RTE is the electricity transmission system owner and operator in France. Founded on July 1st 2000, RTE was given the task of maintaining, operating and developing the transmission system on an independent basis.